Your Quick Guide to LED Lights

Lethbridge Lighting Studio

Have you ever had questions about what exactly is a LED light, why it's the preferred light source choice, and why some look different in colour then others? Never fear! We've covered all of these questions off in this great new blog!

Did you know that LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, it's basically an electronic semiconductor that efficiently emits light.

So what are the advantages of LED vs. Standard or Halogen bulbs.
LEDs are:

1. Smaller in size
2. Use less energy
3. More reliable and durable
4. Longer life
5. Do not contain harmful toxins
6. Do not emit UV rays
7. Are simply brighter

The benefits of LED are hard to beat with a standard or halogen bulb. Besides substantial operating energy and cost reductions, extended life and lower heat generation properties, LEDs allow for dramatic appearance and productivity benefits because of the colour temperature of the light produced by LEDs. 

Choosing the right colour temperature can be a challenge, here are some helpful tips.

  • Light colour is measured in Kelvin (K), which is a temperature scale.
  • The lower number of Kelvins, the more yellow the light will appear.
  • The higher number of Kelvins, the whiter or bluer the light will appear.
  • For a warm-yellow light, use bulbs 2700-2900K
  • For a whiter light, use bulbs 3000-4100K
  • For a bluer white light, use bulbs 4200-6500K.

Now you're ready to set the mood and atmosphere in your home or your outdoor space with these handy tips! Want more information on LED lights or proper lighting for your space? Contact us; we offer a free, no obligation lighting consultation. 

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