Your Guide to Home Lighting


Want to increase the mood, atmosphere and look of a space? Lighting is a versatile, simple and affordable way to add a little pizazz to any room in your house.  A good light will not only add to the style of the space, but help enhance functionality—making sure you have the right kind of light for the right kind of space.

Here are 12 quick and dirty tips to help you enhance the light in any space.

1.       Add interesting pendants

Whether you’re using them in the more traditional sense – over a kitchen counter— or something a tad more unconventional –like a loft—these light are a great way to add a touch of style, while adding the perfect amount of illumination. Get creative, use the compact size and adjustable qualities to arrange, stagger, cluster, or bunch in a variety of ways, colours and collections.

2.       Layer Lighting

Speaking of arranging lighting, layering lighting in a space can provide an attractive mood with the perfect amount of light for that space. Consider these three lighting variants:

A.      Ambient or general lighting – provides light throughout a room, think chandeliers or ceiling fixtures.

B.      Tasked lighting—adds extra light to areas where homework, chores or other activities that may require more precision.

C.      Accent or decorative lighting adds interest to the décor and architecture – lighting below or above cabinets, over pictures or around fireplaces.

3.       Linear Lighting

Need a new light in a dining room space? Have a longer kitchen table or formal rectangle dining table? Linear chandeliers are a great wow factor, or simply use multiple pendants along the length of the table to create an interesting lighting piece.

4.       Set the mood

Add dimmer switches and controls to add a layer of versatility to your lighting – you can create more light when doing precision tasks like cutting food or doing homework, and then soften it when you’re hosting a social gathering with friends.

5.       Entrance Envy

Bold, beautiful and dramatic lighting inside an entry way helps welcome guests and makes a lasting impression.  Both two-storey and single entries need lighting, and both can be dramatic in their own way—consider oversized and semi-flush ceiling fixture along with wall sconces to help flank the space.

 6.       Vanity Lights – location is everything

Bathroom lighting us used to aid in the proper application of makeup, shaving or styling your hair; it helps you see it all. Proper, flattering light can be accomplished by adding a fixture that’s at least 24 inches wide over the mirror and two wall sconces on each side of mirror—be sure they’re at least 28-inches apart and 60-inches from the floor.

7.       Powder Room Pride

The powder room is the perfect room to go a little over-the-top with the lighting fixtures in your home. Great examples include a crystal, light-catching chandelier over the sink, or royal decorative pendants beside the mirror, or even an ornate fixture that’s unexpected in the space.

8.       Under the Cabinet lighting

Pretty much an essential in the kitchen. Be sure to mount them towards the front of the cabinet so it can fully and properly illuminate the tasks you will be completing in the kitchen.

9.       Focus Point

Use dramatic chandeliers and fixtures in creative places as conversation pieces. They add elegance, luxury and class to any room—go ahead, add one to your powder room or little girl’s bedroom.

10.   Keep it coordinated.

An open floor plan means the lighting from room to room needs to coordinate – both in style and quality of light. Make sure all fixtures deliver a similar colour temperature—this will help décor and colours look consistent from room to room.

11.   Add Colour and patterns  with lamps

Create a warm, welcoming room with well-placed lighting. Use lamp bases and shades to enhance and compliment your theme. Use unexpected textures and patterns like animal print to inject a hint of personality into the space and to draw attention as you enter the room.

12.   Media Room Lighting

Controlled lighting in rooms where media is consumed  like a basement or office needs to be able to multi-task with the space. When the TV or monitor is on, a dimmed accent light provides a soft glow to enhance the viewing experience. But Bright overhead light may be a necessity where reading or writing may take place—use a dimmer to achieve maximum versatility for this space.

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Some information sourced from our friends at Kichler Lighting [dot] com